Is it reasonable to ask women to wear heels at work? Those of us that work in FM fall into two camps.  Some of us are heels all the way - and will change into site boots only when a compulsory PPE environment forces us to. Others of us are all about trousers and boots, ready to walk a building at the drop of hat, but we'll grudgingly haul out the heels for special occasions (I'm in the second camp, myself). 

How do we feel, then, about a dress code that obliges women to wear a shoe with a heel?  In practical terms, I'd say it becomes less reasonable the more walking around the job requires.

But in principle, or indeed in political terms, why would we ask women to wear something more uncomfortable and less practical than men in the same role?  And where does that end? (You might recall my outrage at the girls at the FM Expo a few years ago who were told to wear hotpants - what does that say about us as a profession?)

This one is an interesting case, as PwC is regularly voted one of the best and most positive places for women to work, and Portico is known as a modern, forward-looking company with good opportunities for its empowered teams.  Let's watch and see how it pans out. 

Girls, and guys - do you have a dress code at work? How do you feel about it?